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Hi! I'm Leigh, the owner and photographer here at Delight. I believe that every woman should feel beautiful in her own skin. I also know that as women, we all have certain insecurities about our bodies. When you allow me to photograph you, I will help you with posing and wardrobe, and I will use flattering lighting techniques to help you see the beauty of your own body. Every boudoir session is a women only zone. All editing, retouching and post production work is done by me. We are very understanding and respectful of privacy and want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident throughout the entire experience.

My retouching style is very natural and subtle. I remove the distractions that take the focus away from you. Distractions can be things like flyaway hairs, seam marks on your skin like strap marks from a bra, environmental eyesores like wall outlets or marks on furniture and bedding, and of course, skin imperfections. After your session, we'll meet at the studio to review your images and select your products.

“You look beautiful," Alodia says. 
I startle at the compliment. Then I smile. "I’m beautiful to the one person who matters."
She nods. "Hector’s mouth is going to drop open when he sees you.”
“I hope so. But I meant me. I’m beautiful to me.” 
― Rae Carson, The Bitter Kingdom